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May 6, 2012
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The Siamese Cat from Hunshu: Prologue P.2 by Katmomma The Siamese Cat from Hunshu: Prologue P.2 by Katmomma
[link] On Tumblr

Happy to have page 2 of the prologue finally finished.

My plan is to have the first few pages of each chapter in color and then the rest in black and white drawing. I have some newer concept art up for the characters in this particular scene if you're hungry for a little forshadowing [link]

NOTE: Hunshu is a fictional place and the names of the characters are the actual names of cats I've come across in my life. The setting and atmosphere is inspired by Asia but the plot has many biblical references. It's a different but cohesive mix of things not meant to represent any culture here on earth, but a fictional one.

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alcoraiden Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
The composition especially is really great! Great anatomy on the cats, and I like the way they're not *too* anthro, just enough to ride/wield weapons/ do human-like things. They still look like *cats.* I'd love to see more.
sanctuary-meadow Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Again your layout... .. Just amaZing.

I also love that silhouette/long view shot during the JUMP.
there's so much drama. Incredible!
Feline5656 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
This looks beautifully drawn and great proportions! Can't wait for more!
RugbyHuntress Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this reminds me of my old simeese cat ;( rip zeus
SeleneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
I would love to see more of this comic. I want to know what happens.
Katmomma Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Professional Artist
I will be doing more!
fruitbatslyra Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your art, and this comic is very interesting already. :)
Katmomma Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Professional Artist
Thank you :heart: :D
fruitbatslyra Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are very welcome! I can't wait to see more! <3
Post-Lit Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Eyes closed huh? I remember him having opened eyes last time. But I kinda like it with them closed, makes him seem more, uh, 'human,' but in the fearing-for-his-death kind of way instead of in the walking-on-two-legs kind of way. What I mean is it makes him empathetic, more of a 'real' character with real concerns about splatting to his doom instead of just some spiritual guy who's bad-@ssery gets him in trouble and he jumps like it's no big deal......

I have no idea what I'm saying anymore, but great job, I love it ^^;
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