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April 14, 2009
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Takai Hu Empress by Katmomma Takai Hu Empress by Katmomma
I figured the only way to pull myself out of an artistic rut is to revert to my very first inspiration; the Siamese cat.

I loved using my little wedge female, Opal to model for Hsaio of the Takai Hu [link] in my first watercolor and pencil experiment. This time.... I added Prismacolor Markers into the mix :giggle:

My earlier EPIC FAIL of a marker piece with "Yesterday" has taught me a few lessons, and I'm learning that mixed media works the best for me. I tried both putting marker on top and underneath, and both seem to work.

Anyways... have a little taste of anthro, because I'll be working on the next comic as soon as I get through the rest of my papers for school :B

and yes, Wedge Siamese have very interesting head shapes- very Praying-Mantis like. Opal can vouch for that. [link]

Prismacolor Marker, Prismacolor Pencil, & Watercolor

Watercolor Backdrop by ~abattoir
Envy911 May 31, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
oh I love the colors and expression. The profile view makes it more dynamic I think.
i dont check my inbox much these days ((busy)) but this really caught my eye when i checked just now! =O so graceful and elegant :heart: your colored pencil skills are amazing *_* and i swear youve improved with shading since i first started watching you =O
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